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Titulo del disco: BSO La primera aventura de Cekoni y Conike

Formato: cassette - Año: 1992

Observaciones: Con Francisco Lopez


The nice hulligan
Going out the barn tune
Second tremor
Gobble boat tune
Not so deep throat
On the lifetime lies train tune
Into the water wheel
Shrew - Cricket promenade tune
Mother dying
Through the most childbearing clouds tune
Song of the cheap bride
Duckbear swamp tune
The horse's mouth
Misshappen prairie tune
Spirit of the ink
Self-taught engine driver tune
Mr. Pickwick's story
Southern desultory insects tune
The house of seven gables
Cattle rattle battle tune
Inhuman lapland
Meet the imcomprehensible cat gang on the road to the beach tune
The wintry father
Overcautiousnessly jump tune
Broiled fresh mushrooms
New hope at the valley tune
Roast chiken with dressing
Irrepressible return to the barn tune & cast

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